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Cursing Columbus Cover Cursing Columbus
Cinco Puntos
October 2009  $16.95
ISBN 1-933693-59-2


Cursing Columbus is the sequel to my award-winning first novel Double Crossing and picks up the story three years later.

Raizel and Papa have worked hard to save money to bring the rest of the family to America. Now Raizel’s dream is about to come true as the family is reunited on the Lower East Side of New York.

But America is far from the golden land of the immigrants’ dreams. The family is poor and Papa’s job hangs by a thread in the recession of 1908. During her three years in America, Raizel has absorbed American values; her dream is to finish high school and become a teacher. Suddenly she is thrust into the role of helping her mother and siblings adjust to their new life, leading to conflicts with her immigrant mother. When Papa loses his job, will fourteen year old Raizel have to leave school? Will she be find a solution to help her family and save her dream?  And will she ever find the boy she met on the first crossing, the boy she secretly loves but lost in the turmoil of immigration?

And what of Lemmel, her brother?  His severe reading disability goes unrecognized in the educational system over a hundred years ago. For Lemmel school is a nightmare and his upcoming bar mitzvah ceremony which his parents are eagerly awaiting only adds to the pressure. Lemmel spends more and more time with his gang on the streets of New York until the crisis which leads him to choose life on the streets over life with his family. Can Lemmel survive on the streets of New York City? What price will he pay for survival?

Cursing Columbus is told through the points of view of the two main characters: Raizel and Lemmel. Their struggle and the choices they face remain true for immigrants to the present. What happens when the dream of a better life meets the reality of poverty and a strange new culture? Can new realistic dreams grow in the cruel soil of hardship and the struggle to survive? What sacrifices must they make to fulfill the dreams?

Cursing Columbus Review Excerpts: 

Booklist -  "[t]his gripping novel...goes beyond sentimentality about the promised land of America to show a heartbreaking, sometimes brutal, daily struggle."  Hazel Rochman 

Double Crossing

Now available in hardcover and paperback editions.

Cover of Double Crossing by Eve Tal Double Crossing
Cinco Puntos
October 2005  $16.95
ISBN 0-938317-94-6

When Raizel's father announces that he is leaving for America and taking Raizel with him, she is terrified.  The journey is even more difficult than she imagines, but the dangerous border crossing, near-drowning and the serious illness of her father pale in comparison with the landing at Ellis Island.  Will Papa and Raizel be accepted or deported back to Europe?  Will Papa be willing to pay the price of giving up everything he believes in to enter America?  Double Crossing uncovers a little known aspect of the immigrant experience, one as relevant today as it was at the turn of the 20th century.

Double Crossing Review Excerpts:

  • Starred Review - "Outstanding in both its structure and its questioning of faith, this offering is not to be missed." Kirkus Review
  • Starred Review - Best of all is the shocking surprise that changes everything, even Papaa haunting aspect of the immigrant story left too long untold." Hazel Rochman Booklist

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Learn more about Double Crossing, about Jewish History and Jewish Traditions and about Jewish Folktales.  Click for a Glossary of non-English terms used in Double Crossing.



My Childrens Books in Hebrew

A New Boy was recently published in English by the Milk and Honey Press, a unique publishing venture dedicated to fostering positive connections between English-speaking children and Israel by publishing the books of Israeli authors.  I am proud that A New Boy was chosen as one of three books to inaugurate what will certainly be a fascinating series of books.  Learn more about A New Boy and order on-line at www.milkandhoneypress.com.

Why do I write childrens books in Hebrew? Because I live in Israel.  I raised my three sons on Hebrew childrens books  and it seemed natural to write for children in Hebrew.  But the road hasnt been easy.  Read about the differences between writing in Hebrew and English and learn about my Hebrew picture books.

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