Homework Helper

When I was growing up and needed to do research for a school paper, I turned to the many-volumed Compton’s Picture Encyclopedia we had at home, or later, in high school, used the school library.  Now the Internet offers so much information that we call it information overload. I love it!  Because I live in Israel and do not have access to an English language library, I use the Internet for many of my research needs. (Although I confess I still prefer curling up with a book rather than reading pages of information on a computer screen).

When I began working on the website for Double Crossing, I thought it might be useful to my readers to present background information in a condensed form that would help to deepen the reading of Double Crossing.  Then I realized that even if you haven’t read Double Crossing, you might find the information interesting for school projects and general information.  That was the start of the “homework helper” project, which I plan to expand to include other subjects not related to Double Crossing, subjects I am interested in.

Right now, this section contains information on the following:

Jewish History In which I condense several thousand years of history into a long screen. From Bible times to the present day. Includes links to sites with more detailed information.
Jewish Tradition Presents information on Judaism for people unfamiliar with the Jewish religion. Includes religious beliefs, customs, and holidays.
AntiSemitism A very brief introduction to racism and the roots of anti-Semitism. Includes bibliographies of children’s books about contemporary anti-Semitism, and books about racism.
Folktales Will help you understand the difference between folktales, fairytales, myths, legends and other related genres. A bit about the history of folk tale collecting and my own experiences. Contains a bibliography of contemporary retellings of traditional stories.
Jewish Folktales Delves into more detail on the type of folktales Raizel tells in Double Crossing. Here you’ll also find an invitation to participate in a writing contest.
Holocaust Bibliography A selection of my favorite books with a Holocaust theme. Includes picture books, middle grade, and young adult fiction.
Middle East Fiction An annotated bibliography of middle grade and YA fiction about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Good luck with your homework! 

(and if you quote me, please remember to list the source)

Homework is such fun!